Our history

There used to be a time when the mastery of craftsmanship was extremely important.


Particularly when it concerned the neat and tidy processing of high-quality, delicate materials such as leather.

Natural treatment of organic material was just as common as the precise manual production of beautiful, fine items, whose sentimental and material values increased with the traces of use.

Very special

Today, more and more people are acknowledging this tradition and recognize the importance of the professional, elaborate processing for a first-class quality, lifespan and timeless design of real leather commodities and accessories. What at first glance may appear to be an anachronism, happens to be, upon a closer look, the path to the future in an age of impersonal production lines: Leather handcraft is an art.

And it should stay that way

Only those who know the secrets and traditional mastery of handcraftsmanship can confidently venture into the world of leather processing. The original organic effect of this highly sensitive material and its extraordinary appeal can be seen and felt in every part of our high-quality products.